How to look after your lawn in spring

How to look after your lawn in spring

How to look after your lawn in spring

In many respects, spring is a crucial time for your lawn. It is just after the tough conditions of winter and you are building up to potential heat in summer, so in many ways spring is the time to ensure that your lawn is ready for these potential extremes. Here are some tips on how to look after your lawn in spring.

Proper mowing

It is generally recommended that you regularly mow your lawn, but not too much, with more mowing sessions needed as conditions get warmer later in spring. In terms of length, taking a third off is just the right amount (if you cut too much it can stress the surface).

If you like the effect of stripes on your lawn, use a lawnmower that also comes with a roller on the rear.

Keep your lawn well fed

It is important to keep your lawn properly fed. There are different types of fertilisers and feeders available. What you choose depends on the kind of surface you have. This will ensure you have a thicker, greener and denser surface.

You should not fertilise too soon, as late spring is the best time as the green grass starts to grow. After that, you should do an additional one or two fertilising sessions in order to encourage more growth.


Aeration is something that needs to be done regularly so that the grass can breathe. You can do this with a pitchfork or with aeration shoes.


Weeding as an important process throughout the year and spring is no different. A mix of effective lawn care, a well-chosen herbicide and physically removing weeds will allow your plants to breathe more and get more much needed nutrients.


Whether or not you over-seed will depend on how much your lawn has been damaged over winter (for example if you have kids who have used it as a football pitch during that time!)

By spreading seeds over the surface, it helps to fill in areas that may look a bit sparse or thin. In order to be consistent, it is recommended that you use a spreader in order to make sure the seeds are covered in as wide an areas as possible.

Top dressing

Top dressing is something you can do if your lawn looks uneven. It is best to add a top dressing during dry conditions. Top dressing is also useful in that helps to remove thatch and improves the lawn’s drainage.

We’re to help

These are just some examples of the lawn care services that Lawn Care Southampton can offer you. For over seven years, our loyal client base has benefited from our services, making sure their lawns are properly looked after throughout the year.

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